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My Name is Yogesh Shinde, I am from Aurangabad. I have few blogs but asolopreneur and yogesh-photos.blogspot.com are close to my heart.

aSolopreneur is about solo entrepreneurship (solopreneurship), business, blogging, digital marketing (email marketing and social media marketing), marketing automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inspiration, tools and resources.

Yogesh-Photos.Blogspot.Com is about Designing, Youtube marketing, video marketing, wallpapers, photography and my city Aurangabad.

Why I started a blog and why should you care?

I started my blog to share my little knowledge about digital marketing (email marketing, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing etc), blogging, SEO with my blogger friends and newbie bloggers. I have seen many bloggers promote expensive products and services but I believe there are affordable and free alternatives for these premium services and products which I want to share with world.

Just like many solo bloggers and entrepreneurs I have to handle many tasks such as social media marketing, content creation et cetera. I can do most of the things but I think I can do email marketing very well because I know how to generate targeted leads, how to nurture them and how to convert them in recurring customers.

I can help you with content creation and promotions, social media marketing, marketing automation, blog writing, transcription et cetera. Wait you can hire me as your virtual assistance.

My Solopreneurship and Blogging Goals

Each of my page has it’s purpose,

Inspiration for bloggers and solopreneurs

I believe in having big dreams and make them happen by consistent efforts. I know the importance of motivation and inspiration and that’s why I have a special place “Inspiration” where I share motivational speeches, blog posts, quotes et cetera which boosts our enthusiasm and make us believe in ourselves.

Blogging is not an overnight success and it needs patience, newbie bloggers feel disappointed and unmotivated that’s why I have an inspiration page where bloggers get motivation from influencers like Neil Gaiman, Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, and many more.

Resources for bloggers and solopreneurs

Resources page where you can get to know about the products and services I personally use for blogging. These resources are time saving and automates different tasks so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with pending jobs. These tools are resources includes social media marketing automation, starting your blog, hosting, domain registration with coupon codes and various  other software and services.

My Hobbies

Internet Surfing 😛


Reading (Mostly about blogging and marketing)

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