Sumome WordPress plugin review – Suite of free essential website tools

Sumo or Sumo me review

Sumome WordPress plugin review – Suite of free essential website tools to grow email list, social sharing, traffic, and analytics

When I started blogging, I realized market is bullish about building email list because it increases website traffic and sales. Solopreneurs are using pop-ups, heatmaps, social media sharing, etc tools to increase their website traffic.

I understood email list building, social media sharing, and analytics is really, really important. So I was seeking WordPress plugins to build my email list, make my content shareable on social media and analyze my website traffic. 

The list of tools I wanted was quite huge and there were plugins for each. For example – Hellobar, Icegram, Crazyegg’s heatmap, Mailmunch, Floating social bar, Optinmonster, Leadpages, Hotjar and many more.

I have been seeing SumoMe on many websites, so I thought I should install it for pop-up.

I realized, It has many features which I have been seeking. It has welcome mat, exit intent pop-up, timed pop-up, smartbar, image sharing, analytics, heatmap, contact form, leads, etc. These were the essential website tools I was seeking for my website optimization.

Sumome Review

What is Sumome?

It is free all-in-one email list builder, social sharing, and integrated Google analytics for website traffic generation. I would say it’s an arsenal of tools to put your website on auto-pilot to grow your business.

Why Sumome is best WordPress plugin I recommend?

You must know the list of must have WordPress plugins. Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Akismet, etc the list is incomplete without SumoMe.

It is an ultimate toolkit of essential blogging tools. It provides solutions to every need and connects the dots of website traffic generation methodologies. We don’t need plugins, we need solutions which solves our problems.

It is a suite of site-growing solutions. It increases traffic, build social media followings, helps in analysis and tracking.

Why you should install it?

1 – Sumome is Free

You are getting 14+ features for your WordPress blog/website for FREE!

You are getting list builder, scroll box, smart bar, welcome mat, Google Analytics, heat maps, content analytics, social media sharing, image sharer, highlighter, discover, contact form, leads, and buy button. What else we need to run and successful blogging or business website?

SumoMe Pro version offers following benefits,

  • A/B testing – list builder, scroll box, smart bar, welcome mat,
  • Unlimited heatmaps analytics
  • Unlimited content analytics
  • Unlimited buy buttons
  • Double discover credits
  • Customizable pro themes for list builder popup, contact forms, scroll box, and welcome mat.

2 – Multiple ways to grow your email list

Sumome has free and easy way to double your email subscribers. It offers various tools to create an automated system which keeps your email list building through various methods. It is easy to use and install.

It can integrated with Mailchimp, Aweber and most of the major email list building solutions.

Email list building is an ongoing tasks. We are constantly implementing new strategies to increase our email list.

It is all-in-one email building solution.

Below is a list of tools which you can use to increase your email subscriber list in four folds,

  1. List Builder – Pop-ups to grab emails of your visitors.
  2. Scroll Box – Pop-ups on scrolling and ask for emails politely.
  3. Smart Bar – Floats on top or bottom and remind users to subscribe to your newsletters.
  4. Welcome Mat – Covers the entire screen with compelling and irresistible call-to-action.

3 – Easy to install and customize

I don’t like to get my hands dirty in coding and if you are like me. SumoMe is a magic wand to install and customize attractive pop-up and welcome mat. You just need to click on “on” and “off” to enable any feature.

It has easy user interface for installing and customizing designs. You can edit pop-ups and buttons to match it with your website/blog color scheme. It also offer custom templates which you can use to make your designing simpler.

You get all essential tools at one place, so you can work on any tools on single dashboard. If you know coding you could customize it as you want.

4 – Responsiveness

Nowadays most of the traffic is coming from mobile devices. We must have tools which are mobile-compatible to convert mobile traffic into subscribers.

All tools like list builder, scroll box, smart bar, social media sharing, welcome mat, etc are mobile friendly. It make sure you don’t leave loophole for mobile optimization.

5 – Analysis

I am able to analyse my website engagement by heatmap and content analysis. A/B testing enables you to test various designs and methods to improve email list building strategies.

6 – Brand Value

Influencers from blogging, entrepreneurship, business, etc industry are using SumoMe. Bloggers and solopreneurs love this all-in-one social sharing and email list building tool.

Noah Kagan founder of Appsumo, Jeff Bullas well know blogger and internet marketer, Robbie Richards, Matthew Woodward, Darren Rowse, Tim Ferriss, Social Media Examiner, etc are using SumoMe.

6 – SumoMe Affiliate

It has affiliate and referral program. If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, you can use it generate extra income.

Sumo Me Review – Pros and Cons


  1. All-in-one solutions for all website traffic, generation, email list building and analytics.
  2. Easy user interface, easy to customize and design.
  3. 100% mobile friendly tools.

Pro version offers

  1.  A/B Testing
  2.  No branding
  3.  VIP support


  1. Branding – In free version, SumoMe logo overlays on pop-ups and welcome mat. It appears almost everywhere.
  2. Setup Navigation  (Not exactly con) – For newbie it’s hard to figure out where are the tools. It doesn’t appear in WordPress plugin section.

After logging in, you can get access by clicking on the floating icon on your website. Probably at the top right corner.

sumome review how to set up

How to Install and Setup SumoMe

  1.  Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2.  Plugins > Add new > Search SumoMe or upload the plugin.
  3.  Install and activate it.
  4.  Go to your website. Click on the floating SumoMe icon and sign up or login.
  5.  Once installed click on Store to access to all the tools.

What are the tools it has and how beneficial it is?

Sumome is an all-in-one email collection tool there are multiple ways we can ask emails to our visitors. I use pop up to grab emails and build my email list. I have used social media sharing to make my blog content shareable.

We can include call-to-actions on pop-ups, welcome mat, and smart bar. These features could be use as an email list builder to gather emails for for email marketing. It’s up-to us how we use it.

Here is a list of Sumome features

  1.  List Builder
  2.  Scroll Box
  3.  Smart Bar
  4.  Google Analytics
  5.  Heat Maps
  6.  Content analytics
  7.  Social media & image sharer
  8.  Highlighter
  9.  Discover
  10.  Contact Form
  11.  Leads
  12.  Buy button
  13.  Social media share
  14. Welcome Mat

I am breaking down each of these features. I will show you some example about how beneficial these are for your business.

1 – List Builder

Sumo me list builder review

List builder is a pop up box which appears on given time or when your visitors about to exit. You can activate smart mode so it will not pop-up to the same visitor or people who have already subscribed. Smart mode determines the best time to display to a visitor automatically.

You can also set up to according to visitors. If you don’t want to annoy your regular visitors with redundant offers you can set your preferences to disable it to repeat visitors.

I use exit intent and after 5 seconds because after 5 seconds visitors is quite engage in and he/she more likely to give his/her email.

This email builder pop-ups on scrolling or on click, after given time, and exit intent.

It is easy to use drag and drop email capture tool.

Simple email integration with MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, MyEmma, Mad Mimi, Infusionsoft, Feedblitz, HubSpot, MyNewsletterBuilder, Inbox First, Sailthru, Klaviyo, Vero, Pardot, Zapier, Ontraport, ExactTarget, Vertical Response, Drip, MailerLite, WhatCounts, ConvertKit, MailJet, and Maropost.

Here is an example of exit intent Pop-up.

sumome exit intent popup

When someone leaves your site this pop-up appears and convert your bouncing traffic into a subscribers.

2 – Scroll Box (Slide box)

sumo me scroll box review

Scroll box pops up from corners when visitor scrolls down. You can set when your pop-up box should appear. You can set it when your reader finishes reading or in halfway or at end of the blog post. It is asking for emails in a polite way and without being too pushy.

It is best way to increase your email list subscribers. You can set from which side your scroll box should appear. Most of the internet marketers prefer it from bottom right side.

3 – Smart Bar or Top bar or Floating bar

Smart top bar

You can choose where to show your smart bar at top or bottom. Also you can choose to show on scrolling up, always top or move as we scroll. You have complete control on smart bar.

Smartbar helps you to remind your audience to take actions. You can make them sign up to your email list, Like your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter, or download your ebook.

Smartbar shows a horizontal line at bottom or top of your website. It could be floating at top or can disappear when your visitor scroll down. It is like Hellobar and Mailmunch’s top bar which shows a bar on top or bottom of the page with offers you can give call-to-actions to make them visit your other popular blog post, to grab a discount code, buy your product or you can simply ask their emails to increase your email list.


4 – Google Analytics

Track your growth with Google Analytics

Google analytics provide analytical data of your website traffic – how many visitors you are getting, what are the devices they are using, bounce rate, page views, active users etc. SumoMe provides analytics data in your WordPress dashboard so you don’t need to switch from analytics to your website.

It provides a clear view of how your website doing, real-time information of your active users and on page analytics.

5 – Heat Maps

Heatmap shows red-hot areas of your website where your visitors taking actions, where they are clicking and engaging. By analysing heat maps you get to know the engaging areas of your website. It’s a real-time feedback from your audience, which you should take seriously.

Heatmaps make it easier to analyse your website user experience, interface and usability. It’s easy to know, how people scroll through your website/blog? what’s making your visitors leave?

Once you check how people behave on your website/blog , it’s easy to figure out how to improve UE, UI and conversion.  You can move your call-to-actions and increase your CTA visibility.

SumoMe’s Heatmap is an alternative for Neil Patel’s Crazyegg.

6 – Content analytics

Content analytics is same as heat map but instead of clicks it shows how far your audience are scrolling or how much articles your readers are reading. It makes you understand which articles and topics are engaging your audience. It’s helpful to analyse where your audience are abandoning.

You can strategize your content creation by analyzing your content analytics. You could focus on topics which are most engaging and work on producing qualitative engaging content creation.

By analyzing content engagement, you can place call-to-actions where your readers are mostly engaged. Run analytics on all of your articles and get real-time feedback of your reader content engagement.

7 – Image Sharer

Image sharer helps visitors to share images on social media. When your visitors hover over your images it shows social media button to share the image on social media. You can pick exactly where the icons show up: in the middle, on the left, on the right, top, or bottom.

It helps you to drive social media traffic to your website. You can choose your social networks where you want to share your images.

8 – Highlighter (Twitter and Facebook sharing feature)

It enables any part of your text context shareable on Facebook and Twitter. When someone highlights your content they get a tweet and share option, so they can easily tweet on Twitter and share on Facebook from your website itself.

It increase your social media shares and help you to get viral traffic from social media.

9 – Discover

Discover shows your content (mostly blog posts) on other SumoMe Discover enabled users’ websites and you show their content on yours. It’s reciprocation of content, if you are showing others’ content your content is also getting showcased on various websites.

It is a free traffic solution for your website. It connects you to 150,000+ other sites and send traffic to your website while you are promoting new content from discover network on your website.

It has two modes –

1 – Grid of 4 to 24 recommendations at the end of your article.

2 – A scroll box that pops up with a highly focused “read next” article.

Free version allows you to promote one link.

With Discover pro version you earn double credit, it increases your traffic in two-fold. It also offers no link limits. You can promote your homepage, blog posts, pages and more.

Note: – If you are a business owner, you should avoid it because the traffic you get from discover is not targeted. You get very low conversion and you lose your traffic to other sources (probably your competitors). You lose your life-time customers for traffic.

However if you want to get traffic for your blog posts and increase your demand generation you can use discover on your business website.

10 – Contact Form

Contact form makes it easier to reach out to you for your blog readers. You can create an auto-response for every contact you receive. With visual one-click layout it’s easy to place and move your contact from wherever you want your visitors to notice.

Heatmap and content analysis helps you to decide where you should place your contact us button (call-to-action).

With Contact Form Pro, you can set advanced display rules like according to referral source. You can show different forms to Facebook visitors and Twitter visitors.

11 – Leads

Leads helps you to convert your blog in lead generation machine. It incentivize freebies to your readers to join your email list. These freebies can be a cheat sheet, roadmap, templates, or ebooks. It captures leads and convert traffic into a lifelong audience, email subscribers, readers and customers.

It automatically generates and hosts Pdf for you to giveaway to your visitors. You can place your leads button anywhere on your blog or website. It integrates with popular email marketing service providers like Mailchimp, etc with one-click.

12 – Buy button

If you want to sell your products and services, Buy Button converts your blog into a digital store. You can add it anywhere on your blog or website. It gets your online store running 24/7.

You can integrate Stripe payment solution with few clicks on your WordPress blog/website. SumoMe does not take any cut any commission or payment processing but Stripe cuts a small amount for handling your payments.

In free version you can sell only one product.

Pro version enables you to sell unlimited products on your site. You can do A/B testing of your products and services to analyze which is performing better. You can add tracking pixels and retarget your audience who have shown interest in your product.

13 – SumoMe Social Share

Sumome social media share makes your website shareable. Anyone can share your content from your website itself. This is helpful to create buzz on social media and increase your social media traffic.

Sumo me connected with 16+ social media and messaging services (Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more). The social media floating sharing buttons are responsive and works on mobile, desktop, and other platforms.

It is easy to setup social media sharing on your blog, it’s simple drag-and-drop setup and you don’t need to get into complex coding and confusing setting.

It helps me to increase social media visibility.


Pro version offers mobile-optimized settings, you can include Whatsapp and SMS share options which helps you to get shares from mobile phone visitors.

You can download historical share data to strategize your blogging techniques and content creation.  

UTM tracking shows your social media traffic source. Makes you understand where your audience hangs out, which social media brings you the most traffic.

Upgrading yourself to pro removes branding and provide VIP support.

14 – SumoMe Welcome Mat

Landing pages with one call to action always increases conversion rate. Leadpages and Optinmonster charges you, Sumome creates landing page with Welcome Mat which increase your emails opt-ins. User just need to click on down arrow to get to the content.

It is covering whole screen, so make sure you are offering something compelling and irresistible to your visitors which they can’t deny to subscribe to your email list. You need to be careful while using this because most people don’t understand they need to scroll to access the content.

Many entrepreneurs and blogger use it to capture emails. If you know who is your audience and what they are seeking you can explode your email list with a compelling giveaway on welcome mat.

Pro – GIFs, Videos, and More

Welcome mat also supports images, gifs and videos which helps your to increase your conversion rate and explode your email list.

Referring URLs – You can show different Welcome Mats for different visitors life if visitor is coming from Facebook you can offer your Facebook marketing strategies ebook or if visitor is coming from Twitter you can offer him Twitter Marketing blueprint. It could increase your conversion a lot.

Sumome welcome mat examples

I have plenty of examples how influencers are using welcome mat to increase their email list. From Pat Flynn to Michael Hyatt everyone is using welcome to capture emails from their website.

OptinMonster’s Welcome exit gate – Alternative to SumoMe Welcome mat

Crazyegg –  alternative for SumoMe heatmap

Michael Hyatt

Darren Rowse – Problogger.net

Matthew Woodward – matthewwoodward.co.uk

Robbie Richards – robbierichards.com

Noah Kagan – okdork.com

Noah Kagan is an American Internet entrepreneur and the founder of AppSumo.

Jeff Bullas – jeffbullas.com

Aren’t these Welcome Mats awesome? Want for your website for FREE? Click here.

 SumoMe.Com Review Conclusion

Building email list, social media sharing, analysis, etc are essential tasks for entrepreneurs, bloggers and solopreneurs. SumoMe is a must have plugin for non-developers and developers.

There are plenty of ways to equip website for traffic generation and email list building. You get 14+ tools to get traffic from email list and social media. It enables you to analyze your website performance.

It connects all the dots and gives you a suite of website traffic generation and email newsletter subscriptions.

We are getting at one place why not one plugin instead of using dozens of plugins which eventually slows down your website and we have to handle lots of tools to make your site running.

While other plugins are charging for these services Sumome 100% free to signup. So just get started and ready to explode your email list and social media traffic.

SumoMe Pricing

It’s pricing is very affordable compared to its competitors and alternatives. Click on below image to sign up for lifetime forever free account.


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22 thoughts on “Sumome WordPress plugin review – Suite of free essential website tools

  1. Very well researched and analyzed bro.
    Most of the professional bloggers are using the welcome mat like feature.
    List building and asking readers to share your content on social media is totally fair.
    I have been using SumoMe earlier while I was on blogspot platform.
    It however impose its branding for free users and that’s something i don’t like.
    However, these features are much required.
    Thanks for writing about it.
    Vashishtha Kapoor recently posted…FREE cPanel Alternatives for your VPS server – Powerful VPS SolutionsMy Profile

  2. I think if you find something that works well for you it’s great to share it with others. Good find here and a premium version without the imposed branding would be a better option for sure.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Yeah, that’s what blogging is all about. Sharing our thoughts and views with our audience and helping them in our way. They are doing it for demand generation just because of branding many people get to know about them. If we can afford we can remove branding.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Mandy.

  3. Sumome is awesome this plugin has a ton of features and it works at getting leads plain and simple.

    Sumome gets 5 stars from me it is a good buy.

    1. Hey Jay,

      It is really a lead generation machine. It helps you to increase your email list through various methods. I have discussed few but with proper strategies, road-map and sales funnel we can explore our email list with SumoMe.

  4. Hi Yogesh,

    First of all, let me tell you good job!, because this is a very solid and complete article about Sumo, it should be featured somewhere in their page.

    I love Sumo because of all the great features you already mentioned, especially the social sharing, it makes it so easy for visitors to share my content to any available social network. They also make it really simple for you to setup signup forms, popups and welcome mat just by selecting your desired template and then edit it.

    Sumo rocks and I can recommend it to anybody with my eyes closed.

    1. Hey Ronald,

      Yes, SumoMe rocks and everyone must use it. It’s very useful to manage your website/blog through various features it offers.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Ronald.

  5. Yogesh,This is great review,I already loved this plugin and using paid version .I love two function more than others #1 heatmap it will tell you that where are your visitors clicking and where are not .So that we can remove useless links from our site and place our most important CTA button to right place Second I love smart bar AB Testing. It increase my earning,leeds and trafifc [And yes Fans/followers]

    I love this plugin seriously.

    P.S Just tweeted your post.

    1. Hey Nekraj,

      Thanks for stopping by. I love the pop-up function because it enables you to build your email list. I also love heatmap and social media sharing feature. Heatmap shows you insights on audience engagement and social sharing makes your content shareable.

      A/B testing helps us what’s working and where we need to focus on.

      Thanks again Nekraj.

    1. Hey Edward,

      I am glad you like the post and found it informative.

      SumoMe is really helpful in traffic and lead generation. I have found it very useful to increase our social media sharing and email list building.

  6. Thanks for the thorough introduction to the plugin Yogesh!
    Sumome is a good plugin in the free version and I have installed it on many small business websites. I think we are moving away from expecting everything for free in a plugin so it’s only logical to sign up to the pro version to avoid the limitations.
    I also like the Chrome extension that lets you access the sumome settings even easier.

    1. Hey Frithjof,

      I agree, free version has many limitation and if we need we should always upgrade our plan. With upgraded plan we get A/B testing, customization, premium templates, etc features which help us in business development.

      Thanks for taking time and commenting on my blog post Frithjof.

  7. Hi Yogesh, thanks for a very thorough review of Sumo Me. I use it for the share bar, although I am now using a plugin called Thrive Leads because I believe it’s a better value. But it’s obvious you’ve really put a lot of time and attention into this post, and Sumo Me certainly does a nice job. Thank you, and blessings.

    1. Hey Bryan,

      I haven’t tried Thrive Leads but have seen many bloggers are using it. It is very good plugin which boosts your email list building process. It is a complete system.

      SumoMe is offering many features for free with limitation, if anyone really want to enjoy extra features they must upgrade the plan.

  8. Sumome is a great plugin that I’ve used on my own site. Welcome mats are probably the most effective email form for email list building, and other plugins don’t give you that.

    You do have to pay if you want to integrate it with Aweber or another email provider, but it’s totally worth it. You can also use it free and just copy and paste, and I think they even starting providing a free autoresponder that you can use right when people sign up!

    1. Hey Ben,

      You are right, Welcome is really effective in lead generation and email list building. I am not sure whether they are offering auto-responds or not but I am sure everyone loves auto-responds. It help us to welcome new members and send our content upgrades.

      Thanks for the comment Ben.

  9. Great informative post on Sumome. Saved it for reference. I just started using it yesterday and could not be more pleased with it, just have to learn more about it. Your article will help alot.

    1. Hey Kathryn,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. SumoMe is really helpful plugin, you can explore its various features and use them to increase your traffic and business.

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